9S Series Automatic Hi Beat 36000 GMT

Watch by Grand Seiko


SKU: SBGJ003. Categories: Men's, Watches, Grand Seiko.


This Grand Seiko 9S Series features the Hi Beat 36000 movement with GMT function (stainless steel model). A new added value caliber 9S86 was created by incorporating a GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) function into the 9S85 Hi-Beat 36000 platform.To display GMT, the regular hour, minute and second hands are supplemented with a fourth hand that points to 24-hour marks around the dial, enabling time in different time zones to be displayed on the same watch. The second hand continues to sweep the dial even when the crown is pulled to adjust the hour hand to a different time zone, so there is no interruption to the accuracy of the high beat caliber. For international travelers, the Hi-Beat 36000 GMT offers practical and easy-to-use dual time operation as well as the precision, legibility and beauty that are the hallmarks of every Grand Seiko watch.

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