The Diamond Experts

Buying a diamond requires equal parts logic and love.

Choosing the right diamond is like choosing the right relationship. It’s as much a matter of the head as it is the heart. The right diamond will both fit your needs and fill your desires. How do you find the right one? Talk to the diamond experts at Roberts Fine Jewelers.

Roberts Fine Jewelers has been serving Atlantic City and the surrounding area with extraordinary jewelry for 15 years. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about diamond matchmaking. Yes, we know all about the science behind the diamonds. But more than that – we monitor the pulse of current design trends and keep our collections current. Even more importantly, we know our customers. The relationship we establish with you allows us to find and direct you to your ideal diamond match. It’s the soul of our business.

What truly sets us apart from other jewelers is our expertise in diamond buying. Over the years, we’ve become masters in the art of finding the best diamonds at the lowest cost, then negotiating to get an even better deal. We also have the largest inventory of high-quality diamonds in the area. So when you shop for a diamond at Roberts Fine Jewelers, you can choose exactly what you love from an extensive in-house selection, actually see the gemstone before you buy it, and know that you’re getting the best price.

Stop in and we’ll provide you with the diamond information you need to satisfy your logical side. Then see what we have in our showcases and let love take over. We’ll guide you to your perfect match.


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